rewarding kids for their participation


Students are awarded points each week based on the work they've completed at home and in the lesson.


What are Fretpoints?


Children respond well to incentives and extrinsic motivation. Earning rewards for their hard work can take some of the pressure off parents who struggle to get their kids to practice. Rewarding students with points helps them develop the discipline to practice more often which leads to improvements in their ability to play the instrument which builds intrinsic motivation. we came up with our own token economy system.


This is an example of a fretpoint card. We assign points to students each lesson based on the outcomes they have achieved at home and how well they perform during their class. These points are traded for prizes at any time through our Fretshop. 


We also use fretpoints to help keep kids focused and from straying into undesirable behaviour during class time by giving them three warnings before losing one of their hard earned points. We've found this to be an incredibly effective method of helping kids to control their own behaviour and act in a respectful and appropriate manner, which greatly improves the learning environment.



Earning points

Fretpoints are given out at the beginning of each lesson based on the students point sheet from the week before.

They also gain points during the lesson when they win a game and each time they pass a checkout from their teacher.


spending points

Fretpoints can be traded for prizes in the fretshop. We offer a large selection of toys, games, stationary and music gear.

Students generally save up their fretpoints to play for bigger prizes. Visit the fretshop by clicking the button below.


Losing points

We like to believe that our students are always polite and well behaved. Sometimes however, this is not the case.

If a student isn't able to behave in an appropriate manner, we give three warnings after which they lose one of their fretpoints.

Bad boy.jpg