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Parents struggle to get kids to music lessons outside of school hours due to their busy schedules. We work within Canberra schools during school hours teaching group music classes.





Through music study, students learn the value of sustained effort to achieve excellence and the concrete rewards of hard work. Early music education helps develop the areas of the brain involved in language and reasoning. It improves teamwork skills and discipline and provides children with a means of self-expression. 


How It Works

Expression of Interest

Grab a copy of our Expression of Interest Form and send it out with your next school newsletter to see how many parents might be interested in having us teach their kids.

Free Trial Lesson

Once there are several interested parents, we'll organise a time to come to your school to hold a free trial  lesson. There is no obligation for anyone to sign up after.

30 Min Weekly Class

We'll follow up with all those interested in continuing and arrange a time and place at your school for our teachers to come and run our music program on a regular bases.



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Free Trial Lesson

Parents can feel safe with our no obligation, free trial lesson to get their child started.

Easy Payment plans

No huge upfront term fees. We offer easy, affordable payment plans for parents. See Pricing.

online scheduling

Parents can book, cancel and reschedule lessons at any time with our online calendar.

small group classes

Weekly 30 min lessons are run in classes of 5 to 10 students organised by instrument.


structured lessons

Reward points, tuition books, music learning games, weekly goals-based practice sheets.

QUALIFIED teachers

Experienced staff, higher level education, WWVP card, first aid certificates, trained by us.

Modern instruments

Students can select from a range of six awesome, modern instruments to learn.

Charity programs

We have a range of programs to help support families that aren't able to afford lessons.



We believe that when students and teachers support each other, they enrich each other's lives and help create an engaged community, and that an engaged community can in turn help us all to lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives.


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the instruments we teach









While Fretvision first began as a guitar school, we have since expanded our curriculum to also include piano, drums, ukulele,  electronic music as well as vocals.
We have now become one of Canberra's leading music schools with the most modern, innovative systems.


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