What do we need to do to have Fretvision teach at our school?

  1. Express your interest in our program by filling out the request form here.

  2. We'll be in contact within 3 working days to discuss your needs, arrange a time to come out and meet you and create a customised expression of interest form to go out to all of your students. We’ve found that a paper copy with attached note works far better than a note in the news letter.

  3. We'll collect contact details of interested parents and students through our website or a google sheet we’ll link you.

  4. We'll handle all of the booking, scheduling and payment with parents, there'll be nothing for the school to have to chase up.

  5. We will then want to send out new expressions of interest at the end of each term to promote the classes.

  6. Our students can also get their friends involved through our referral and support programs.

  7. The whole program will gradually, if not rapidly, fill up and become a bustling, thriving group of young musicians.


Where will the lessons be held?

We require a space the size of a classroom to conduct our lessons. We also require at least 10 chairs and sufficient desk space for our keyboards to sit.


Does the school need to supply instruments?

No, the school does not, we will provide all instruments to students. They can purchase or hire them from us. We also accept donations of secondhand instruments for our support program.



What is the best age to start?

We start students as young as 6yrs old or year one. We don't currently teach kindergarten kids.


Is there a limit to the number of students in a class?

We try to keep our class sizes to 10 students per class. If it grows much past that, we will open up another class or add another teacher to the class.


What if my child has no experience?

Don't worry! We take students of all levels. Our teachers are patient and supportive, and we have a finely tuned curriculum that helps beginners achieve confidence and competence.


Does my child need their my own instrument?

No. You can hire one from us for $5 per week. This is a great option for beginners. It is recommended that at some point you buy your own instrument. We do sell instruments at our studio in Mitchell. Otherwise you can go to Better Music in Phillip.

What if my child doesn’t like the lessons?

We have a no questions asked, 14 Days 100% money back guarantee. Just let us know by email after the first or second lesson but before the third one and we’ll refund you any and all payments you’ve made. You will need to return the books, bag and hire instrument we’ve provided your child.



How much will it cost?

While we do our best to keep our prices as competitive as possible, we’re guessing you’d rather quality over quantity.

$40 per fortnight ($24 per lesson).

There is a 10% discount off fees for all siblings.


How do I pay the fees?

All fees are collected fortnightly by Direct Debit through EZYPAY.

You will be emailed a link to registration for payment after your trial lesson. You can also use the links on our pricing page.


Can we quit at any time?

There is no need to stress about being locked into a contract or term period once paid for, you can quit at any time. All we require is for you to fill out our Lesson Termination Form.

What if my child doesn’t like the lessons?

We have a no questions asked, 14 Days 100% money back guarantee. Just let us know by email after the first or second lesson but before the third one and we’ll refund you any and all payments you’ve made. You will need to return the books, bag and hire instrument we’ve provided your child.

What happens if my child misses a lesson?

Kids sometimes get sick, have excursions to attend or other reasons as to why they may not be able to make it to their regular weekly lesson. Unfortunately, due to the nature of group lessons it is not always possible for us to offer a make up lesson but where possible, we will do our best to arrange a time for your child to attend another lesson. If by the end of term we have not been able to provide you with a time for a make up lesson, you can apply for a credit to be deducted from a future payment Use this form.

In the case that a public holiday coincides with the day your child has a lesson scheduled we will organise another day in the same week to hold the lesson and notify you by email.


What if we go away on holidays?

We all need to take a break from our hectic schedules at times. If you know you’ll be away for more than two weeks, but less than a term, we can easily put your payments on hold and your child won’t lose their position in the class. Just fill out the


What if we can't actually afford it but our child really wants to have lessons ?

We have a number of support programs that allow students of families who aren't able to afford the fees to still get lessons with us. We have one spot in every class that we can sponsor. Click here to apply, Student Support Program Application Form.

Another solution is our Support a Friend Program. If you have a friend that might want to help pay for your child's lessons, we will match them dollar for dollar to help you pay the fees. Click here for more info, Support a Friend Application Form.



Are the teachers qualified?

All of our teachers have a tonne of experience both as a musician and at teaching their instrument. Many also have higher level certification.

At Fretvision we hire teachers not based on their credentials but their core values, musical proficiency and most of all their ability to communicate and relate to students.

Our teachers don’t just teach music, they teach people. People succeed at music when they practice. They practice because they are committed. Their commitment is strengthened when their goals are motivating and achievable, and when they are supported by others who care about their success.

As teachers, they succeed when they help our students see themselves as musicians.

We teach students fundamentals in the context of the music that inspires them. We break down long term goals into small achievable steps. We give our students opportunities to hear others play, to perform, and to benefit from the positive role model of a teacher who excels in their musicianship.



How much should my child practice each week?

A student's progress really depends on how much they practice.

People can only succeed at music when they practice.

It is important to commit to a regular practice schedule and make a habit of it.

Five to ten minutes a day a few times a week is all that is needed to get started.

As your child gets better, you’ll want them to practice a bit more, this will help them progress faster and get more enjoy from their instrument.

Their commitment to practice will be strengthened when their goals are motivating and achievable, and when they are supported by others who care about their success.

Practice should never become a chore or dreaded task each week. Nagging kids to practice will only make matters worse and cause them to want to give up. If you are having trouble getting your child to practice routinely, check out our practice page for tips and ideas.


How long will it take my child to get good?

With practice, your child can be playing their first song in the first week of lessons! Our proven curriculum and professional teachers will give them all the tools they need to progress, but after that their progress really depends on how much they practice. Most of our students who practice at least three times per week can play a song by heart in front of other people within 10 weeks. Of course, you can never completely master an instrument, there are always new skills, songs, and techniques to master.


What if my child is finding it too hard?

At times a student is guaranteed to find the learning process difficult. There are three golden rules to apply that will handle most problems:

Slow it down

Break it down

Play it again and again

Go to our practice page for more details...


What if my child never practices?

This is one of the most common complaints from parents and is totally normal. Children will go through cycles of being very interested in something and then getting bored with it.

Learning an instrument takes time, dedication and patience. If you encourage your child to stick at it, give them praise for practicing and refrain from reprimanding them when they don’t practice, they will eventually show interest once again. As their ability increases, so too will their enjoyment of music, and their desire to play will increase.

Research has shown that even if a child NEVER practices at home, just that one lesson each week is enough exposure to music to make positive lasting changes in their brain.


What if my child would like to try another instrument?

It is quite normal for students to become curious and interested in trying other instruments.

We can offer you a spot in another class and our 14 Days Guarantee will still apply.



What are Fretpoints?

We believe that learning an instrument is one of the greatest rewards life can offer. Before learning becomes intrinsically rewarding, however, additional motivation can be necessary and can encourage a student to practice and participate more fully. That’s why we invented our own token economy system called Fretpoints.  Students can earn them for:

Meeting practice time targets

Working on songs at home

Achieving goals in practice

Passing a checkout on a song

Winning games in class

Referring a friend


For more details on earning, spending and losing points, go to our Fretpoints Page.


Do we receive anything for referring a friend?

We believe in rewarding students who participate and strive to become better.

We also believe that your friends will have just as much fun learning with us as you have, and that is why we want to reward both of you with 200 Fretpoints.

Your friend will get to start with a free trial lesson. Once they have registered for regular lessons, you'll both receive your 200 Fretpoints.