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We see LEARNING as a process of curiosity and discovery wherein students are given the opportunity to find the knowledge they seek through exploration and experimentation in the presence of expert guidance. 

We see PRACTICE as the key ingredient of mastery, a journey of personal growth and fulfilment leading to competence, confidence and the realisation of potential through self discipline.

We see PLAYING music as a means of being genuinely creative and the ultimate vehicle for expressing our thoughts and feelings, connecting with others and really enjoying life. 

A large percentage of music education involves encouraging kids to be curious, explore and discover the nature of music for themselves through play and practice. Without this, children never really develop the ability to be creative and express themselves musically which is the entire goal of mastering an instrument.



our unique approach


At Fretvision, we don’t just teach music, we teach people. People succeed at music when they practice. They practice because they are dedicated. Their dedication is strengthened when they are given clear, achievable goals and when they are supported by people who care about their success.

As teachers, we succeed when our students begin to see themselves as musicians, imagining one day they’ll be able to play just like their favourite artists. We teach kids  fundamentals in the context of the music that inspires them by breaking down long term goals into small, achievable steps.

We give our students opportunities to perform, hear others play and to experience the positive role model of a teacher who excels at their instrument. Some of our students achieve great success in music. Others find it a positive outlet, pastime, or experience which adds value to their life. We are happy either way.

It is our goal to teach every student how to learn, practice and play the music they love in the shortest time possible while having the most fun doing it.

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our Music classeS

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Lessons taught in small groups


Our music program consists of six modern instruments, each taught by specialists in seperate classes of small groups of students. Each group meets once a week during school hours for a 30 minute class. Students are given instruction on how and what to play, are given textbooks to work from, checkouts on songs they are learning, they play games, are given homework and reward points for their effort.


instruments we teach










 how our classes are run

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All textbooks needed to learn each instrument are provided free of charge. Your child will be given a book on their first lesson which they will take home with them and then bring back to every lesson.

If they happen to lose or damage their book, a replacement can be ordered.



Kids get to build a repertoire of cool songs. They work on mastering techniques for their instrument and learn to read music.

We play games that help build skills and teach fundamentals all while having fun. We give clear instructions, set achievable practice goals and award students points each lesson based on their efforts.

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Students are given a practice journal to take home that helps engage parents in the learning process and motivate kids to practice without having to be nagged. While practice isn't absolutely required, it does ensure the student will make good progress and get the most out of the lessons.



With each of our tuition books we provide an accompanying online audio book of examples for every song taught in the books. Access these on the student page. Check it out here...



Students earn fretpoints as they learn. Points are awarded for completing songs, meeting practice targets, achieving goals, winning at games in class, performing in concerts, finishing a whole book and referring friends who sigh up for lessons. More Info...

These points can then be used to claim rewards from our Fretshop. See Here



Learning an instrument takes patience, dedication and focus, and at times can be frustrating. The good news is that if a student just sticks with it long enough, and does what’s being asked of them, they can’t fail. It takes time to get good - don’t let them give up! Nothing worth fighting for comes easily. 

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The better they get the more fun they have.

The more fun it is the more they practice.

The more they practice the better they get.