DO you Have a friend you'd like to help paying for lessons?


If you have a friend who really wants to learn to play an instrument but their family doesn't feel they can commit to paying for lessons because it's to expensive, we will help you pay for them by matching every dollar you donate.

You don't have to pay for the full amount, you can just help by paying for part of their fees.


Examples of payment arrangements

THEY PAY - 50%

YOU PAY - 25%

WE PAY - 25%


THEY PAY - 20%

YOU PAY - 40%

WE PAY - 40%



YOU PAY - 50%

WE PAY - 50%


Please complete the form below to Apply to help your friend.


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You will pay 50% of the difference between what your friend can afford to pay and the total fortnightly fee.
Let us know about anything else you think we should know about this students situation.