Help your school offer expert music education with fun, engaging lessons.


Enriching kids through music education


Through music study, students learn the value of sustained effort to achieve excellence and the concrete rewards of hard work. Early music education helps develop the areas of the brain involved in language and reasoning. It improves teamwork skills and discipline, and provides kids a means of self-expression. 


How it all works…

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Expression of Interest

We’ll make you a customised Expression of Interest Form to print and distribute to each student to get an idea of how many parents are interested in lessons. The information can be collected through our website or a google sheet we link you.

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demonstration concert

If there is not a lot of response we are happy to come to the school and present at assembly with our showcase band so that everyone can see what we do.


we do all the admin

We'll follow up with all those interested in continuing and arrange a time and place at your school for our teachers to come and run our music program. We do all the billing and take care of all parent liaison. There is absolutely no burden on school staff!


Why Choose Fretvision?

We are a homegrown, family business that has been operating in CANBERRA since 2005, helping kids find the joy music can bring to their lives and creating work for Canberra's amazing, young musical mentors.

  • Stable, well trained, long-term teachers

  • A proven, time-tested curriculum

  • Cutting-edge learning techniques

  • Reward points program and gift shop

  • Learning based music games

  • Affordable, easy payment plans

Where We've Taught

  • Dickson College

  • Latham Primary School

  • Florey Primary School

  • Red Hill Primary School

  • Monash Primary School

  • Charles Weston School

  • Canberra Girls Grammar

  • MacGregor Primary School

  • Blue Gum Community School

  • Australian Catholic University

  • Youth Music Society Summer School

  • YMCA School Holiday Program

  • Fretvision Music Tuition Studio


Student Support Program



Even though we try our best to keep prices as low as possible and make paying super simple, we understand that music lessons can be a luxury that some families just can't afford. We really want to help every kid learn to play an instrument and gain access to our awesome music program. We hate to think that anyone should feel left out or not able to learn because it's too expensive.


Each class has a place for a student to learn for free if they can't afford it.

see our application form


We also run other programs to help students and families who can’t afford to take lessons.